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Professional Gutter Guard Installation in Oklahoma City

Don’t Waste Time or Money Cleaning Gutters Every Season

One of the biggest contributors to gutter problems is the leaves, dirt, shingle granules, and other debris that end up in them. Cleaning your gutters on your own can be dangerous without the proper equipment. Clearing them is time-consuming if you can safely reach low gutters, and paying someone to do it each season adds up over time. At Mr Gutter, we offer property owners an alternative with professional gutter guard installation service throughout the Oklahoma City area. Contact us for a free estimate today!

Warranty Registration

Let the Water In and Keep the Debris Out

When gutters without guards are left neglected, the debris from each season continues to build up. You may think dirt, granules, and leaves will wash right out the downspout. Unfortunately, most rainwater runoff doesn’t have the power to do that, and debris ends up getting stuck at the top of downspouts to clog gutters or at the base, leaving reduced drainage areas.

Wet leaves and dirt turn to mud, getting packed in and creating significant blockages. This results in roofline gutters overflowing in the front and back, where water makes its way behind the siding. Downspouts will start to separate at the seam, causing leaks. With our gutter guard installation, water runoff will easily access the gutters and downspouts, while leaves, pine needles, and other debris don’t.

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Protection for Any Type of Gutter

We offer gutter guard systems to fit any size, shape, and material of gutter. Most gutter guard systems involve a screen design that lets water flow directly into the channels. While the holes allow water to pass through easily, they are too small for most types of debris to fit in, leaving objects like leaves and pine needles to flow directly over the guards and off the roof. Additional styles may include fewer holes or plastic rigid covers. We will help determine which gutter guard system is best for your property based on the environment and type of roof.

Schedule a Free Estimate for Gutter Guard Installation

As a family-owned and operated business, we strive for nothing less than complete customer satisfaction and happiness. Whether we’re installing new gutters or designing a gutter guard protection system to minimize leaves and debris from clogging them, the team at Mr Gutter offers fully licensed and insured services consistent with our A+ Better Business Bureau Rating. Contact us to schedule a free estimate for gutter guard installation in Oklahoma City today.

Product Warranty

20 Year Performance Warranty

Universal Manufacturing & Design (“UMD”) provides a 20 YEAR PERFORMANCE WARRANTY. This warranty guarantees that ONE GUTTER GUARD™ will keep the interior of your gutters from clogging if installed to our factory specifications, and we stand behind our warranty with a money-back guarantee. UMD will at its sole discretion either replace any failing area of the ONE GUTTER GUARD™ with a new or reconditioned insert that returns the guard to its original operational standard or refund you 100% of the ONE GUTTER GUARD™ product material cost (refund is not inclusive of any labor or shipping charges imposed by the installer).

Lifetime Material Warranty

UMD provides a LIFETIME MATERIAL DEFECTS WARRANTY. ONE GUTTER GUARD™ will be free from any factory defects in material from the process of manufacturing. If the product is found to have a manufacturer defect, UMD will repair or replace the defective parts at no charge. We also guarantee that the finish of our product will not chip, bubble or flake under normal conditions of wear. Our warranty is limited to the terms, exclusions, limitations, requirements, and legal rights stated within this warranty.

Transferable Warranty

In the event you sell your home, the balance of the warranty will transfer to the new owner. Change of Ownership forms can be obtained by contacting our corporate offices.


In order to validate this warranty, please visit OneGutterGuard.com/Warranty to register your product within 90 days of installation. In order for the Performance Warranty to be honored, the ONE GUTTER GUARD™ MUST BE INSTALLED to the manufacturer’s specifications. This warranty covers the ONE GUTTER GUARD™ product only. UMD reserves the right to cancel or change this warranty without notice. All existing warranties already in place will be honored. Due to normal product weathering and slight color variations from paint mills, replacement products may differ in gloss or color from the originally installed product. If for any reason, products of the type at the time of warranty claim are no longer available, UMD reserves the right to substitute a product we deem as comparable in quality and price.

Exclusions and Limitations

The above-mentioned warranties are void if any of the following apply: Damage caused to product from any outside force whether natural or accidental in nature, performance failures due to improper installation, damage during installation, natural wear caused by weather or other unique environmental conditions, damage caused by any chemicals, improper use of the product other than intended by the manufacturer, removal of the product, excessive heat or cold, contact with dissimilar materials, insert clogging due to unnatural occurrences, such as but not limited to, tampering with or introducing a foreign element to the mesh not typically found naturally owing from a roof (such as paint, caulk, adhesive, etc.).